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Black Truffles Carpaccio Slices - Buy delicious black truffle slices online. Ideal for quick appetizers on the go, or for any occasion. This makes a simply delicious and elegant addition to any event.

Truffle Oil Direct Spray - Buy this incredibly delicious truffle oil in a convenient 2oz direct spray. Perfect for your catering events, private chefs, restaurants, etc... This truffle oil will surely impress, A must for truffle lovers!
This convenient solution for expensive truffle oil allows any cook to add flavor to their foods directly (at the right spot). This item eliminates waste and provides the ultimate truffle flavor in every bite. 


The Ultimate Gift of Beverly Hills Caviar:

Black Truffles Carpaccio Slices

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Sliced Truffles, Black truffles

Truffle Oil Direct Spray

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Truffle Oil, Spray Truffle Oil, Truffle Spray

Truffle Honey

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Truffle Honey, Buy truffle honey


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